P-Cure Opens New Era of Proton Therapy with FDA Anatomical Site Clearance for Compact, Affordable System

by Stephen Jacobs, Marketing, P-Cure | September 27, 2023
Rad Oncology Proton Therapy
P-Cure Opens New Era of Proton Therapy with FDA Anatomical Site Clearance
for Compact, Affordable System with Clinical Advantages Fitting Linac Rooms

Shilat, Israel: A new era in the treatment of cancer with proton therapy is being ushered in by the P-Cure development of a proton system. It includes a synchrotron-based gantry-less system featuring personalized, adaptive, intensity-modulated particle therapy capable of fitting within existing Linac rooms, and now is available at a significantly lower cost than any other available proton systems.

The P-Cure treatment room includes a fully adjustable seated position capable of both CT treatment planning and beam delivery to all tumor sites. In addition to the compact size and cost saving of the “P-Cure Solution,” the benefits of treating patients in the seated position are expected to include more precise proton beam delivery, better clinical outcomes, as well as greater patient comfort, less internal organ movement, better saliva drainage and easier breathing for asthmatic and other patients experiencing impaired breathing. Clinically, the development of the treatment delivery benefits may also include less collateral radiation to sensitive organs while enabling greater accuracy in proton beam delivery.

P-Cure’s fully integrated, motion management, real-time approach combines a Six-Degree-of-Freedom robotic positioning system, constant radio- and fluoro-scopic imaging, and positioning software. As a result, the tumor will always be at the treatment’s iso-center.

Currently, for the first time in the history of proton therapy, patients are being treated within a vendor Clinical Development Center, clinically operated by the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. Working in partnership with Hadassah, recently named by Newsweek as a world leader in oncology, the hospital oncology department, including a full team of doctors, physicists, and dosimetrist, are bringing patients to the P-Cure facility to receive treatment in the only available proton facility in the Middle East.

Dr. Yoram Weiss, Director General, Hadassah Medical Organization said of the Newsweek recognition, “Our medical teams are increasingly recognized for their advances in research and for the quality of the care they provide in cardiology, oncology and many other areas as well as for their use of technology – an honor we in ‘Start-Up Nation’ especially relish.”
Prof. Aron Popovtzer, the Head of Sharett Institute of Oncology at the Hadassah Medical Center, said referring to the first patient treated, “We are thrilled to demonstrate the clinical benefits of Proton Therapy to patients having head and neck malignancies, emphasizing the importance of the patient’s comfort and quality of life as significant contributing factors to the positive clinical outcomes.”

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