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Cinemavision MRI video and audio system

December 01, 2023
CT Mobile Imaging MRI X-Ray Sponsored
Cinemavision MRI video & audio system
MRI Patient Video and Audio Entertainment System

The system mitigates the claustrophobic effects of the MRI Bore for all patients, and is proven in multiple MRI systems. Children in most pediatric hospitals are being scanned while watching a favorite movie, and several VA medical centers use it to help veterans tolerate the MRI scan.

1. Patient has a video visor - to watch BluRay, DVD, Roku, and to see the MRI tech.
2. Patient digital audio headset with microphone - Listen to any audio input (CD, Bluray) and listen, see and talk to the MRI technologist.
3. Provides 35dB noise reduction. Also has a squeeze button to call and alert the MRI technologist.

Training On Site for your MRI technologists, MRI marketing manager and MRI scheduler.

Visit Cinemavision for more information.

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