Mevion and RaySearch - a synergy of Innovation transforming proton therapy

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 02, 2023 Rad Oncology Proton Therapy
LITTLETON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mevion Medical Systems, the leading global provider of compact proton therapy solutions, and RaySearch Laboratories AB, the market leader in software solutions for radiation oncology, are proud to announce their continued commitment to developing new proton therapy solutions.

“The united strength of our collaborative partnership is accelerating the deployment of emerging proton therapy developments. We are committed to breaking down technological and clinical access barriers to superior proton therapy technology.”

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The collaboration leverages both companies’ domain expertise in the advancement of innovative solutions for HYPERSCAN IMPT, adaptive therapy, proton arc therapy, and FLASH proton therapy. Key development areas are:

RayStation® treatment planning system: RaySearch is optimizing treatment planning algorithms to advance the use of the HYPERSCAN PBS technology. One of the upcoming goals is to further develop existing algorithms to support upright treatments of the new ultra compact MEVION S250-FIT proton therapy platform.
RayCare® oncology information system: RayCare is designed to efficiently support complex and advanced clinical processes such as adaptive therapy. Mevion has integrated in-room diagnostic CT imaging on the MEVION S250i and MEVION S250-FIT platforms to optimize the use of adaptive therapy. Mevion and RaySearch will join forces to streamline and standardize the delivery of adaptive proton therapy treatments by integrating these technologies.
Proton arc therapy: Arc therapy is an emerging proton therapy treatment delivery technique that optimizes rotational techniques of a gantry or upright patient positioner to conform and precisely target a tumor from multiple angles. Mevion technology has unique capabilities with the HYPERSCAN PBS technology with pMLC, fast energy switching, and integrated robotic motion control capabilities. RaySearch is developing treatment planning algorithms in RayStation to use these advanced technologies.
FLASH proton therapy: FLASH proton therapy is an investigational solution that delivers a high dose in a short period of time with the goal of substantially reducing treatment times and minimizing damage to healthy tissue and critical organs. Mevion and RaySearch are combining their strengths to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of FLASH while facilitating its transition from research to clinical application.

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