AllSpire Health GPO signs agreement with Innovative Health to support member hospitals in their medical device re-use programs

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 1, 2023 – Innovative Health, Inc. today announced a three-year agreement to support AllSpire Health GPO member hospitals in maximizing the financial and environmental impact of single-use device reprocessing. Innovative Health’s cardiology-focused single-use device reprocessing program has revolutionized the practice of reprocessing with a barrier-breaking reprocessing technology development program that has resulted in FDA clearances for cardiology devices that were previously thought of as non-reprocessable. This has created a service offering unmatched in the industry in terms of device cost reductions and reductions in CO2 emissions.

“We have more reprocessing savings in cardiology than in any other area of the hospital,” said James V. Wallick, Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing at AllSpire Health GPO. “Innovative Health produces unsurpassed results that help us meet our cost-reduction targets and become more accountable in terms of the environment. Innovative Health has already saved AllSpire member hospitals millions and reduced our carbon emissions footprint by more than 10,000 pounds. We are excited to continue and expand on our partnership.”

Economic sustainability is central to AllSpire’s mission. AllSpire is committed to building an economically sustainable enterprise that positions each member system to thrive in a chronically dynamic environment and continuously enhance the quality, efficiency and scope of care they deliver.

“At Innovative Health, we celebrate AllSpire Health GPO’s focus on economic sustainability. As a group purchasing organization, they stand out with a laser-sharp focus on strategies that reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of care. Reprocessing represents a key supply chain strategy that achieves this while reducing the environmental footprint,” said Rick Ferreira, CEO of Innovative Health. “Our partnership with AllSpire will enable hospital members to drive these results even further.”

The nine major health systems in AllSpire will expand their use of reprocessed single-use devices within the framework of an ongoing, collaborative agreement with Innovative Health.

About AllSpire Health GPO
Founded in 2016, AllSpire Health GPO, LLC is a collaborative, regional group purchasing organization utilizing innovative analytics, as well as product and purchased service standardization, as a platform to escalate the improvement of clinical outcomes, enable greater access to affordable healthcare, ensure economic sustainability, and enhance patient, physician, and clinician satisfaction among its members. AllSpire Health GPO delivers value via the development and execution of clinical and service line improvement initiatives across the care continuum.

About Innovative Health
Innovative Health is an advanced medical device reprocessing company that offers smarter utilization of medical devices in hospitals’ cardiology and electrophysiology programs.

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