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Radiology Partners launches AI integration platform with AWS HealthImaging

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | November 27, 2023 Artificial Intelligence Health IT
EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Radiology Partners (RP), a leading radiology practice in the U.S. through its owned and affiliated practices, announced today the launch of its RPX AI orchestration platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS). RPX AI is RP’s AI orchestration and integration platform, and it utilizes AWS HealthImaging, a HIPAA-eligible service for storing, analyzing and sharing medical images at petabyte scale. RP chose to utilize AWS HealthImaging to advance its ability to seamlessly deploy a suite of AI tools across any reading platform—creating a highly accessible and adaptable solution for hospitals and health systems to enable the delivery of high-quality, technology-enabled care.

"RP innovating with AWS HealthImaging represents a pivotal milestone in our mission to transform radiology,” said Denis Zerr, RP’s Chief Information and Technology Officer. “Using AWS HealthImaging, RP will offer RPX AI, a cloud-based platform for rapid deployment of AI medical imaging tools at scale, creating value for the entire healthcare ecosystem. Hospitals and health systems will experience an all-in-one solution for selecting, validating, implementing and scaling AI imaging tools while radiologists will experience a seamless and consistent view of AI tools in a single digital platform.”

Historically, medical imaging AI procurement and adoption has been fragmented. Hospitals and provider groups must often navigate a complex array of challenges, including legacy technologies, operational inefficiencies, data silos and site-specific vendors. RP is now joining forces with AWS to simplify the integration and implementation process for medical imaging AI models, making it easier to validate and deploy AI tools and accelerate their adoption across hospitals and health systems. The goal is to enhance patient care by making these advanced technologies more accessible and efficient. Through its experience of deploying clinical AI across more than 20 million patient exams in this calendar year alone, RP is well-positioned to continue leading the way in clinical AI integration.

Dr. Nina Kottler, RP’s Associate Chief Medical Officer for Clinical AI, emphasized the potential: “This collaboration combines RP's clinical expertise with AWS’s purpose-built cloud services, unlocking the ability for RP to effortlessly implement both our and our AI partners’ solutions across RP's network of more than 3,300 client sites and 3,600 radiologists nationwide. This unified approach caters to the preferences of both physicians and healthcare facilities, offering a single solution for AI deployment in medical imaging, leading to faster diagnoses and improved patient care coordination.”

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