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Eskenazi Health announces upcoming opening of new Eastside location

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 25, 2024

Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus project has established supplier diversity goals of a minimum of 15% minority business enterprise (MBE) participation, 8% women business enterprise (WBE) participation, 3% veteran business enterprise (VBE) participation, and 1% disability-owned enterprise (DOBE) participation over the course of the project effort. These goals have been exceeded, with a total diversity spend of nearly 40%.

“Eskenazi Health’s commitment to the community and making resources available and convenient for its patients is truly exemplified with this new health campus. I am honored to celebrate this incredible new asset for the east side of Indianapolis,” said Robert Lazard, chairperson for the Board of Trustees for Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County.

“Eskenazi Health and Eskenazi Health Center truly care about their diverse and unique patient population, always looking to provide new programs and opportunities to best serve their patients’ needs and meet them where they are,” said Howard Stevenson, vice chairperson for the Eskenazi Health Center Board of Directors.

Eskenazi Health Thomas & Arlene Grande Campus will also serve as a new home for the expansion of the Eskenazi Health Public Art Collection thanks to philanthropic support from Eskenazi Health Foundation. Artworks from 51 artists, including many from or with ties to Indianapolis’ east side, will be available for all to enjoy both inside the building and the surrounding campus.

In 2023, Eskenazi Health provided care through 437,113 outpatient primary care visits with 105,851 unique patients receiving care through the health system. Eskenazi Health provides primary care services through the Eskenazi Health Center system that has several locations throughout the neighborhoods of Indianapolis. These facilities offer a sliding fee discount program based on household size and income and are open to all, regardless of ability to pay. As one of the largest providers of health care services in Indiana, Eskenazi Health is dedicated to providing convenient, high-quality, patient-focused care to all of Marion County and Central Indiana.

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