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The INFINITT CIS Health Kiosk

April 01, 2024
Health IT Sponsored
Discover the INFINITT CIS Kiosk, a breakthrough in automated health screenings that supports nurses by seamlessly integrating patients’ vital signs into EMR systems, thereby elevating both efficiency and the quality of patient care.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic transmission of basic test results (blood pressure, height, weight, body composition, vision, etc.) to OCS and EMR to reduce nursing tasks (result receipt, input, etc.)
  • Higher patient data reliability through prevention of human errors.
  • Integration with basic health test devices through various interface types.
  • Different kiosk options are available to suit each hospital environment: wall-mounted, stand-alone, and all-in-one types.
  • Regular self-measurement and record-keeping. Transmission of test results to your phone.
  • Broadcasting videos and images through the kiosk screen. - Displaying notices, welcoming messages for visitors, company promotional videos, etc.

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