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RefleXion and Limbus AI announce technology integration to expedite cancer treatment planning

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 28, 2024 Artificial Intelligence Rad Oncology

About RefleXion Medical
RefleXion is a privately held therapeutic oncology company located in Hayward, Calif., commercializing SCINTIX biology-guided radiotherapy, a novel therapy that uses a single radiotracer injection to transform cancer cells into real-time biological beacons to control external-beam radiotherapy delivery to single or multiple tumors. SCINTIX therapy is indicated for use in FDG-guided treatment of lung and bone tumors arising from either primary lung and bone cancers or resulting from metastases by other primary cancers. In addition to SCINTIX therapy, the RefleXion X1 is also FDA-cleared for conventional image-guided external-beam radiotherapy for solid tumors located anywhere in the body.

About Limbus AI
Limbus AI is dedicated to improving cancer care through the development of state-of-the-art software. The company’s machine learning-based products improve efficiency and clinical workflows in cancer radiation treatment planning. Limbus AI specializes in the creation of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automatic contouring algorithms performed entirely on customers' existing clinical workstations within the security of their own local network. These unique software solutions enable clinicians to create more accurate treatment plans more quickly, allowing for the delivery of more precise treatments throughout the course of care. Limbus AI is headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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