RaySearch celebrating 10 years of defining state-of-the-art proton planning at PTCOG 62

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RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) will kick off its tenth-anniversary celebration at the Particle Therapy Cooperative Group (PTCOG) Conference in Singapore, June 10-15, 2024. The latest advances in the treatment planning system RayStation®*, oncology information system RayCare®*, and oncology analytics system RayIntelligence® will be on show. Book a demo at the RaySearch booth #8.

In 2014, the first delivery of a RayStation proton plan was completed at the Provision Center for Proton Therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee, the USA. Since that groundbreaking delivery, 120 centers worldwide have chosen RayStation for their particle therapy treatment planning needs.[1] This represents most proton centers currently operational, under construction, or in the planning stages, underscoring RayStation’s leadership and trust within the field.[2] Understanding the unique needs of proton and particle treatment modalities at a very early stage and adapting to these evolving needs have contributed to RaySearch’s success. Robust optimization, super-fast Monte Carlo dose calculations, and linear energy transfer-guided (LET) optimization are a few examples of particle treatment planning functionalities pioneered by RaySearch.

At PTCOG 62, RaySearch will showcase the latest advancements in particle therapy treatment planning, oncology information systems, and oncology analytics systems by demoing these products at the booth:

RayStation features functionality such as the new automated replanning module for fast online and offline plan adaptation, LET optimization, proton arc planning, dose calculations on converted CBCT images for protons and light ion beams†, robust planning for carbon and helium ions†, fully automated deep learning planning with robustness†, FLASH planning ‡, multi-ion planning‡, and BNCT†.

RayCare is a next-generation oncology information system that enhances precision cancer care across all oncology disciplines by enabling fluid coordination, task automation and resource optimization by enhancing workflow efficiency.

RayIntelligence is a cloud-based oncology analytics system that streamlines workflows by integrating and transforming data into actionable insights. It empowers informed decision-making across all aspects of cancer care, including radiation therapy, medical oncology, and surgical oncology.

RaySearch particle therapy user meeting
On June 11, at 13:00-17:20 SGT (Singapore), RaySearch will host a particle therapy user meeting in conjunction with PTCOG 62. During the meeting ongoing research will be presented, and several RaySearch users will share their experiences with product usage. Additionally, during the congress, there will be oral and poster presentations highlighting RayStation. Click here to learn more about RaySearch at PTCOG 62.

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