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The DOTmed 100 for 2006 - The Official Tally Is In!

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | February 07, 2006
Look for this logo
when you're doing business
on DOTmed
Never mind The Grammies, The Academy Awards, or The Emmys -- the award that really counts to the over 63,000 users on DOTmed.com is becoming one of the DOTmed 100.

The DOTmed 100 are among the best, most reliable companies to do business with here on DOTmed.com - as rated by you, their peers, using one of our key Ethics Program tools, our 5-Star Rating System.

Over 750 companies were nominated, and over 4,200 individual ratings were given.

The companies with a combination the highest ratings and most number of high ratings made the list.

The DOTmed 100 are easy to identify because we award them a special logo, which is clearly displayed in their Services Directory listing and in all their classified ad listings on our site.

To see an alphabetical listing of The Winners for 2006, click here.

Keep using the 5-Star Rating System.
We determined the DOTmed 100 for 2006 from the ratings period announced to everyone at the end of last year. But that doesn't mean that rating someone today, tomorrow, or next week does not count.

It's important to rate anyone you've done business with, because all new ratings are instantly reflected in the 5-Stars displayed in everybody's Services Directory listing.

You may notice some users with 5 gray stars. That means no one has rated them. That should be considered as a neutral rating.

Unrated users may be new to DOTmed, may not be that active, but still may be a perfectly good and honest companies. If you are happy - or unhappy - with a company that's never been rated, you're free and encouraged to do so. You can also invite people to rate you.

Becoming DOTmed Certified is a winning strategy if you're new to our site
If your company has high ethical standards -- but you just haven't been on DOTmed long enough to prove it to other users who might rate you -- you can apply for DOTmed Certification. And even if you've been around a long time, we strongly suggest you get DOTmed Certified, too.

It's another important part of our Ethics Program, and another symbol of integrity, just like the DOTmed 100 logo. It means you've documented your financial stability and have agreed to have any disputes that might arise resolved impartially by arbitration.

When you see the DOTmed Certified logo next to a company's name, it means they made the extra effort to earn the designation.

Dealing safely online is everybody's business
When people deal honestly online it's obviously good for everyone. People who are dishonest damage our industry, and if someone clearly crosses the line here on DOTmed, we can and will Blacklist them.

DOTmed 100 and DOTmed Certified companies have earned their "white hats" through their actions. But no matter what, it's always good to get other people's opinions of anyone you're dealing with. You can always ask about any company by posting a request for opinions in our Honest/Dishonest forum, or by searching there for people and companies you want to know more about.

We hope your business dealings always go smoothly, and again would like to congratulate the DOTmed 100 for 2006.