For biomeds, the latest test equipment lightens the load

by Olga Deshchenko, DOTmed News Reporter | August 05, 2011
From the July 2011 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

And in today’s IT health-focused environment, it’s becoming more and more challenging for biomeds to stay on top of all the requirements and regulations.
Just recently, the International Electrotechnical Commission published its IEC 80001 regulations, which address risk management with IT networks and the connection of medical devices. Understanding the new standards will take time and potentially, will require partnerships.

Several hospitals have already begun integrating the IT and CE departments, and some administrators may face resistance from IT and biomed staff, two groups whose skill sets don’t overlap much.

The two departments are still separate at Luebbe’s facility, but they’re “just starting to work more closely together,” he says.

And while biomeds will always be responsible for making sure a hospital’s equipment is in perfect condition to ensure the best patient care, their knowledge base will continuously evolve. In the biomed realm, “the only constant is change,” says Luebbe.

DOTmed Registered testing Equipment Companies

Names in boldface are Premium Listings.
Gregory Alkire, Pronk Technologies, CA
Woody Owen, Clinical Measurements, FL
Max Ende, BMX-RAY, INC, FL
Brandon Karas, InterMed Biomedical Services, Inc., FL
Lucas Mason, Imprex International Inc., MO
John Weymouth, MEDiSURG, IN
DOTmed Certified
David Pac, American Radiology Resource, MD
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed 100
Contact Support, BC Group International, Inc., MO
Chris Boon, Universal Hospital Services, MN
Alison Fortin, Global Inventory Management LLC, NH
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed 100
Ryan W. Gilday, Clinical Imaging Systems, NJ
DOTmed 100
Marc Fessler, Independence Cryogenic Engineering, NJ
Barry Spring, Mobile Medical Maintenance, OH
Sean Chen, Grand Medical Equipment, PA
DOTmed 100
Brandon James, NucMed Systems Inc, PA
Michael Lawson, DoctorsManagement, TN
Mandy Allen, Fluke Biomedical, WA

Haluk Aktas, Penta Technic, Turkey
Detlef Goerlich, PTM-Network Services LTD., Germany
Frank Lin, REXMED Industries Co., Ltd., Taiwan
DOTmed Certified
Henry Gu, Shenzhen Wata Sound Industrial Co., Ltd., China
Michael Erwine, Datrend Systems, Canada
Artemio Santacruz, ARA.ELECTRIC SRL, Paraguay
Julio Baltazar, Cristel Eletromedica, Brazil
Cicero Oliveira, Kuf Electronics, Brazil
Walter Gallegos, Walter D. Gallegos, Uruguay
Muhammad Siddique, Global Medical Imaging, Pakistan
Fernando Garo, FATEC X-RAY EQUIPMENT, Brazil

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