Special report: Transport services industry is 'cautiously optimistic'

by Diana Bradley, Staff Writer | December 28, 2011
From the December 2011 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

“It’s all about companies that provide turnkey services, to get better leveraged rates versus selecting single suppliers for each step of the process,” advised Giallanzo. “Use experienced, reputable national or international ISO certified companies and avoid ‘local only’ companies.”

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Rigging and Crating

Further travels
BMI’s report forecasts that as consumer outlook brightens, volumes at major ports, road and air links will recover from the economic downturn.

Between now and 2015, the port of Los Angeles’ tonnage throughput will grow by 5.1 percent, with annual average growth of 5.1 percent; the port of New York/New Jersey’s tonnage throughput will grow by 0.6 percent, with annual average growth of 0.9 percent; air freight growth is expected at 7 percent, with annual average growth of 6 percent; and road freight growth is expected at 4 percent, with annual average growth of 3 percent, BMI predicts.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how the new health care laws affect the industry in terms of used medical equipment,” said South. “We are at the bottom of the food chain here and I would think if 30 million more Americans are covered under the new health care laws, there’s going to be more medical equipment needed and more used medical equipment moving around; I would think it’s going to get busier for us.”

DOTmed Registered DMBN December 2011 Ocean Air and Truck Freight Companies

Names in boldface are Premium Listings.
Sean Saad, california labchoice, CA
Justin Clark, Navis Pack & Ship, CA
Mary Fowler, Espie Service Group, GA
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed 100
Violeta Popeda, Viking Rigging & Logistics, Inc, IL
Steve Vest, Nationwide Equipment Transportation, Inc., KS
Diomid Bashkinov, RBEnterprise Inc, MA
DOTmed Certified
Glenn R. Hammerquist, Berrien X-Ray, MI
Gregory B. Holman, Diagnostic Imaging of New York, NY
Bill Mansfield, Professional Installations, OH
Lori Weidow, KMA Remarketing, PA
Jennifer Culbertson, AIT Worldwide Logistics, TX
Paul Zahn, Mobile MedTech, WI
DOTmed Certified

A.Cenk Seyfeli, 4G Technology Medical Systems, Turkey
Kevin Ming, Healthpower Technology Ltd., China
Federica Militello, Logic s.r.l., Italy
khalid abdu, exyard.com, Kuwait
Roberto Robles, Suplecom, Mexico
Subhash Aggarwal, Olympic Pharmacare Pvt.Ltd., India

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Marshall Shannon

Moving Company Business down ?

January 05, 2012 10:46

We were over burdened with shipping costs in the the last 2009 year and we have invested in two trucks to move our own goods and can do so on an average savings of nearly 40% over private carriers and nearly 60% over so called MEDICAL TRANSPORT SPECIALISTS.

The fact is the MARKET could not bear shippers charging 8-300% times more than freight carriers for overnight shipping, but those days are gone as now we can hot shot our own loads and save 60% of the costs associated and during these times saving 60% of expense costs are a big deal.

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