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"Buzz" Building - 12th IDN Summit Nears

by Michael Johns, Project Manager | July 24, 2006
Meet health system purchasing
executives and GPO representatives
at the IDN Summit & Expo
NCI's innovative IDN Summit & Expo, in its twelfth year, is well known for its quality educational offerings and "reverse" trade show format where health system purchasing executives man the exhibit booths while suppliers and GPOs visit them. Not only do attendees have the opportunity to visit health system exhibits, they can also visit the seven national GPOs in hospitality suites.

"It's an opportunity to give the health systems visibility and develop better relationships with manufacturers and suppliers," said Greg Firestone, CEO of NCI, the professional education company that runs the event. "The objective is to put seller and buyer together in an informal environment and break down walls so they can communicate more effectively."

Despite increased awareness that supply chain costs are now the second leading contributor to skyrocketing healthcare delivery costs, progress and innovations to improve these inefficiencies are too rare, Firestone indicated. "As always, our goal is to shine a light on the challenges and opportunities available to supply chain stakeholders at this critical juncture."

In the true spirit of innovation, NCI is taking the event to the next level. For the first time, NCI will hold "NCI's Healthcare Innovators Contest" in an effort to identify cutting-edge approaches to improving healthcare's supply chain. Entrants of the top 10 innovations selected by NCI will be invited to present their submissions at the general session of this year's expo.

Since innovation is this year's theme, NCI also plans to launch its live webcast, "NCI Talk" prior to the welcome reception on Wednesday, September 6. Wally Kennedy, of Philadelphia radio fame, will introduce and moderate the live webcast, which will feature a controversial debate between leading stakeholders (on a topic to be determined), a profile of a progressive stakeholder, and summary commentary (modeled after 60 Minutes' Andy Rooney).

"We are extremely excited by the possibilities of this webcast program to broaden awareness of the situation and trust that education will drive collaboration and innovation," Firestone said.

Collaboration and innovation will certainly drive relationship building at NCI's IDN Summit & Expo. To attend NCI's 12th Annual IDN Summit & Expo, September 6-8, 2006 at the Gaylord Palms, Orlando, FL., and for more information:
Visit NCI's Website or contact Tyler Hopf at 813-749-1786 for more information.