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A handheld scanner can now detect melanoma

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | January 09, 2014

There are other handheld melanoma scanners on the market today besides MelaFind. MoleMate is another FDA-approved device created by MedX Health Corp. to examine suspicious lesions for melanoma.

Butler said that there is one big difference between MelaFind and every other handheld melanoma scanner on the market and that is logic.

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"MelaFind puts this logic around it based on the data collection that had all of these thousands of lesions looked upon by hundreds of doctors, and taking their diagnosis of what made each particular lesion a melanoma," said Butler.

But MedX Health Corp. said that they think their device is better. "What makes our technology somewhat superior is the sense that it's able to scan not just for melanoma, which MelaFind does, but it allows a clinician to make a diagnosis for basal cell and some kinds of Angioma, which are also in the family of skin cancer," said Louie Canitano, chief operating officer of MedX Health Corp.

The handheld melanoma scanner market has become competitive and is sure to stay that way with even more devices coming on the market soon.

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