6 Questions with Acceletronics, Inc.

| . DOTmed::Language=HASH(0x5574a23891a0)->translator()->translate(text=>'An Interview with') .qq| Wendy Summers of Radparts | October 07, 2014

DOTmed: What differentiates you from your competitors?
Acceletronics is not a broker of equipment, but an integrated technical company offering end users turnkey Technology Solutions for RT equipment supply and lifetime maintenance which just happen to be based around a core of a pre-owned Medical Devices, all for the best value possible.

DOTmed: Give us a snapshot of your business.
We offer 24/7 skilled on-site field maintenance for almost all major radiation therapy equipment nationwide, as well as sales and installation of refurbished linear accelerators and imaging systems globally. We also serve both our own service team and most of the world's independent linear accelerator service specialists with quality new and used warranted parts from our RadParts inventory logistics team. Our parts and resale business creates a virtually insatiable demand for retiring linear accelerators and CT-sims.

DOTmed: What makes you most proud of your company?
Acceletronics takes care of its customers for the long-term, and our salaried staff walk as well as talk quality through our internationally recognized and independently audited ISO 9001:2008 procedures.

DOTmed: What new or recent technology is 'hot' in your field?
Image guided radiation therapy systems and breaking the OEM service monopoly on the latest all-digital linear accelerator platforms, such as Varian TrueBeam.

DOTmed: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities that you face?
Our challenge is simply getting new customers to listen to our satisfied customers and letting go of the too common misconception that only the OEM can deliver what they demand, i.e. world class technology and uptime, at a value the future of health care can sustain.

DOTmed: What outside forces are affecting your business the most?
Probably only the propaganda fueled by OEM marketing budgets that only the manufacturer can offer a quality solution.

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