Mevion partners with Philips to improve proton therapy treatment

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | October 30, 2014
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Mevion's MEVION S250
Mevion Medical Systems, Inc. and Philips Radiation Oncology Systems announced on Monday that they are collaborating to pair Philips' Pinnacle radiation therapy planning system, with the MEVION S250, with HYPERSCAN. HYPERSCAN is Mevion's new pencil beam scanning technology that can scan a tumor in a matter of seconds.

"HYPERSCAN is an advanced form of pencil-beam scanning and is only available on the MEVION S250. Since Pinnacle is already being used by certain Mevion S250 users, it's only fitting that we work together to develop planning for HYPERSCAN," Joe Jachinowski, the president and chief executive officer of Mevion said in a statement.

The HYPERSCAN technology uses a sharp beam of radiation and delivers it precisely, enabling the tumors to be scanned volumetrically at rapid speeds. The traditional pencil beam delivery systems are sensitive to patient and tumor motion, which may lead to treatment uncertainties, but HYPERSCAN has been designed to be less sensitive to the motion.

Mevion claims that the MEVION S250 is the smallest proton therapy system in the world. Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis was the first to install the system and five other installations at other facilities across the U.S., including the UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health, are underway.

"The collaboration between Philips and Mevion will give world-class cancer centers like ours the ability to offer patients all the benefits of HYPERSCAN combined with the accuracy and reliability of Pinnacle," Omar Zeidan, the center's chief of proton therapy physics, said in a statement. "This will help lead to well-planned and well-executed proton therapy sessions that accurately target tumors."

Last month, Mevion also partnered with RaySearch Laboratories AB to combine MEVION S250 with HYPERSCAN and RaySearch's RayStation treatment planning system.

Mevion introduced HYPERSCAN early last month and showcased it at the annual American Society for Radiation Oncology meeting in San Francisco. It has not received approval from the FDA yet but Mevion expects that it will by 2016.

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