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Philips partners with N-of-One to improve its IntelliSpace Genomics solution

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 14, 2016
Rad Oncology Population Health
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Royal Philips announced on Friday that it has partnered with clinical interpretation company N-of-One Inc. to improve its IntelliSpace Genomics solution. The two companies will work to incorporate clinical analysis, annotation and interpretation capabilities into the solution.

"Cancer is a genetic disease — and while genomic testing continues to advance our understanding of what drives a particular patient's cancer, integrating this information in the patient's context is essential to better supporting physicians in matching appropriate patients to the growing list of targeted cancer therapies, immunotherapies, and clinical trials, as well as traditional chemotherapies," Louis Culot, general manager of Philips Genomics, told HCB News.

Genomic information can be used to profile tumors for complex cancer cases. But it’s been a challenge because the majority of cancer patients have thousands of gene variants and mutations and only a small portion can provide insight into therapy options for a particular patient.

The combination of the Philips IntelliSpace Genomic solution and N-of-One’s variant database will give clinicians access to available reference literature, guidelines and evidence in an interactive framework. This can help them determine which treatment options, clinical trials or medication are appropriate for each cancer patient.

“There are more than 100 FDA-approved targeted therapies available to treat various cancer types, and thousands of active cancer clinical trials, for which knowledge of a specific cancer's genomic profile is essential in order to use or enroll,” said Culot. “Comprehensive genomic information, interpreted in context, is necessary to best approach each patient case."

Also on Friday, Philips and Westchester Medical Center Health Network launched the center’s new precision medicine initiative for personalized cancer treatment, which will leverage Philips’ IntelliSpace Genomics solution.

The initiative will integrate large-scale genomic analysis with a vast amount of clinical patient data. It will cover 15 hospitals and oncology practices in the New York Metro area and Hudson Valley.

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