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Fujifilm showcases new FDR AQRO portable DR at RSNA

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 29, 2016
Fujifilm's FDR AQRO DR system
With its newly unveiled mini mobile DR system, FDR AQRO, on display at the RSNA meeting in Chicago, Fujifilm has brought together all of its core DR technologies into a single compact X-ray system.

"This is designed to be able to image patients of all sizes and it performs the same type of imaging you would do on a full-sized portable system, but it's one-fifth the size," Rob Fabrizio, director of strategic marketing, digital X-ray and women's health at Fujifilm, told HCB News.

Because of its compact size, the system is geared toward NICU, OR and ER environments — departments where hospitals are showing an increased interested in having dedicated DR systems.
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"This is a nice way to have a dedicated system in the department," said Fabrizio. "Instead of waiting for the portable to come from the radiology department, now you have a system on demand."

Those departments are also concerned about the risk of germs traveling with the system and potentially spreading disease, so the FDR AQRO is designed with an anti-bacterial coating made of silver ions.

Silver ions are commonly used for this type of coating, but Fujifilm said its protection is set apart because the ions are placed within layers so they regenerate whenever moisture hits its surface.

FDR AQRO's other features include an integrated touchscreen, an X-ray control panel that swivels for easy viewing and lithium ion batteries that can run up to 12 hours on a charge.

Fujifilm has not yet submitted for FDA approval but plans to after the RSNA meeting.

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