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RTLS market for health care to exceed $3 billion by 2022

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | February 28, 2017
From the January 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Intelligent InSites
On the software side, Intelligent InSites takes the data generated by RTLS systems to populate dashboards to help staff make decisions. The company’s Soiled PAR Dashboard, for example, lets equipment owners know the amount of ready-to-clean equipment in soiled utility rooms in real time, which helps them prioritize their time when picking up equipment to bring to the sterile processing department for cleaning, says Alex Hoffman, a product manager for Intelligent InSites. One of the company’s specialties is providing software and services for medical and urgent care clinics. A popular tool customers use is the Patient Cycle Time Report, which shows how much time patients are spending in each milestone of their appointment, which can be used to decrease wait times.

“Some of our customers have completely eliminated patient waiting through self-rooming,” Hoffman says. “Patients go straight to the exam room and the care team can see at a glance when they have arrived.” In 2015, the company responded to the trend toward mobility and launched smart-phone and tablet applications. InSites Locate shows the real-time location of equipment and staff on a device, and allows staff to receive alerts and messages from the system and their coworkers. “It’s big for boosting staff communication, which also improves the patient experience,” Hoffman says.

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Mesh Candy
Mesh Candy, a startup that has been incubating within medical device manufacturer and repair company Tenacore, is a newcomer, installing its asset locating, environmental data gathering and hand hygiene compliance technology in a few surgery centers and hospitals starting in 2015. Brand Caso, the cofounder and chief operating officer of Tenacore, says the Mesh Candy solution doesn’t require as much of a build-out as traditional RTLS systems. “We can work with a single android tablet and form our network around the tablet,” Caso says. “A phlebotomist can have it in their car.” In 2017, the company will focus on further refining its environmental data gathering product and later in the year will introduce asset tracking.

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