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RTLS market for health care to exceed $3 billion by 2022

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | February 28, 2017
From the January 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Skytron, which specializes in OR equipment, also offers an active RTLS solution for asset, staff and patient management and for temperature and environmental monitoring, as well as passive RFID technology for supply chain management and procedural documentation. The company’s newest products include the recently released iRIScope, a passive RFID solution to document the use cycle of flexible endoscopes, including storage, use and the processing and cleaning process, and to provide reporting and analytics. “The main purpose of that solution is promoting regulatory compliance and patient safety,” says Jennifer Daniel, assistant product manager for process solutions at Skytron. “The biggest competitor is written or manual documentation, which is subject to human error.”

The company is set to launch Advantages OR, an OR workflow using active RTLS. The product uses active RTLS to track patients and caregivers throughout the preoperative, operative and postoperative process, with the goal of cutting wait times and making sure certain checklist items are completed. Skytron’s business model is unique in that it is partnering with other companies that will provide the hardware and software — for iRIScope, Skytron is partnering with Mobile Aspects while for Advantages OR, it is partnering with Versus Technology — and will serve as a major sales channel for both products. “Our solution mix can sometimes be a variation of business models,” Daniel says. “They all grow around our strengths in the OR.”

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TECSYS’ 2014 acquisition of Logi-D allowed the company to expand its offerings to include RFID technology that automates management and replenishment of medical supplies. The latest development for the company is its next generation Smart-panel, a touch-screen that provides real-time information on inventory levels and replenishment status. Released a year ago, the smart-panel is available on the company’s two-bin system for general supply items and its smart-bin product for high-value items. “Adding a dynamic user interface to the smart-panel has uniquely enhanced the clinical experience within a two-bin environment,” says Jean-Philippe Racette, product marketing manager for point-of-use solutions at TECSYS. “The up-to-date information provides more efficient interaction between the clinical and supply chain teams and improves replenishment cycles.”

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