AAMI timeline of events leading up to 50th anniversary

May 28, 2017
Business Affairs
From the May 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
  • 2012 — AAMI and the FDA hosted the Medical Device Interoperability Summit Oct. 2–3.

  • 2013 — AAMI and the FDA hosted a two-day summit on health care technology in non-clinical settings.

  • 2014 — The AAMI Foundation launched the National Coalition for Infusion Therapy Safety, the National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety and the National Coalition to Promote Continuous Monitoring for Patients on Opioids.

  • 2014 — AAMI University was created.

  • 2015 — The AAM/FDA Risk Management Summit was held Sept. 29–30 to discuss how to apply the discipline to regulated medical devices.

  • 2015 — AAMI introduced AAMI Connect, a collection of topic-specific online communities for members.

  • 2016 — AAMI’s certification programs, CBET, CLES and CRES, received ANSI Accreditation.

  • Robert Jensen

    2016 — AAMI’s Board of Directors named Robert D. Jensen the association’s third president and CEO.

  • 2017 — AAMI officially celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

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