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Determining pediatric radiation dose and CT image quality with quantitative method

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 13, 2017
CT Rad Oncology Pediatrics Radiation Therapy X-Ray

Based on the results, the technique could be used as a guide for determining appropriate development of medical imaging protocols across pediatric and adult populations for a variety of imaging modalities beyond CT.

Frush cautions though that using the approach for each specific indication and other modalities requires much work.

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“I think if there were further development of this template, where the various components of image quality based on indication and the individual patient factors could be added (and that takes some additional study), then that could become a tool for clinical use,” he said. “Again, I think an ultimate application would be that vendors could work with research partners and implement this on their equipment, so that someone would just be able to select the built-in protocol designed for a consistent approach to diagnostic value (mindful of risk) based on the indication and with the individual considerations of the child on the scanner.”

Following more research, the approach may be proven as a potential way for more efficient and enhanced protocol development, review, and auditing, as well as reducing exam time-saving costs from an operational standpoint.

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