Philips' Azurion image-guided therapy speeds up treatment

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 15, 2017
Medical Devices Operating Room
More studies to be
presented in 2018
An independent, two-year study found that Philips Healthcare’s Azurion image-guided therapy platform saved a significant amount of time for St. Antonius Hospital in the Netherlands.

“This study demonstrates that when taking advantage of Azurion’s advanced features, hospitals can do significantly more with the same interventional suite infrastructure,” Ronald Tabaksblat, business leader of image guided therapy systems at Philips, told HCB News.

The study investigated almost 800 patient procedures and found a 17 percent reduction in the average interventional procedure time, 12 percent reduction in in-lab patient preparation time, and a 28 percent reduction in post-procedure lab time.

St. Antonius Hospital treats an average of six to eight patients per day and Azurion will now allow it to treat one more patient per day. Tabaksblat said that equates to more than 200 additional patients per year in each of the interventional suites.

“For patients, this potentially means quicker treatment,” he added. “For hospitals, it means increased patient throughput.”

The hospital employees are also benefitting because the reduced preparation, procedure and lab time resulted in fewer planned cases finishing after normal working hours.

Since the Azurion was first introduced in February, more than 20,000 patients have been treated in 24 countries. St. Antonius Hospital is only the first of a series of hospital studies that are expected to announce their results in 2018.

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