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Bernd Hamm

Q&A with Professor Bernd Hamm, ESR President

by Sean Ruck , Contributing Editor
From the February 2018 issue of DOTmed HealthCare Business News magazine

The European Congress of Radiology will be held in Vienna from Feb. 28 through March 4. In advance of the annual event, HealthCare Business News reached out to Professor Bernd Hamm, president of the European Society of Radiology, the organization behind the congress, to learn more.

HCB News: New for this year, the “My Thesis in Three Minutes” event sounds like a medical version of the elevator business pitch (always interesting, but always challenging). Can you tell us a little more about it?

Bernd Hamm: With the “My Thesis in Three Minutes” sessions, we provide a new platform for those who would like to give a concise presentation in a dynamic and entertaining scientific session. Of course, this can be quite challenging, as participants have to be well-prepared to present their thesis, including the most important results in just three minutes. On the other hand, if we think about news on TV, where complex topics are presented in 90 seconds, we realize that this is something we see every day. Thirty-six percent of our abstract authors applied for this new format, so we know that people are eager to face this challenge and we are very excited to get their feedback. What I can promise right now is that we will see 12 interesting and entertaining sessions.
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HCB News: Are there other presentations or events you’re particularly excited about this year?

BH: There are many sessions I would love to attend. But, unfortunately, I already know that I will only make it to a fraction of them. As this is the case for many of our attendees, I strongly recommend to sign up for ECR online, where you can watch all sessions either live or on demand after the congress.

There is another new format at ECR 2018 called “Coffee & Talk,” which I would like to recommend. These sessions will be held in a relaxed atmosphere in one of the Austria Center’s stylish lounges, where short statements and discussions will be offered on topics such as clinical decision support, challenges for department chairs, undergraduate teaching of radiology, radiation protection and imaging biobanks. The goal is to create an open, interactive forum where participants are welcomed to stop by and contribute to the informal discussions while sipping their coffee or tea.

HCB News: What other topics do you think attendees will be discussing the most?

BH: This is actually hard to tell as preferences tend to differ, but I think this is exactly what our congress motto “Diverse & United” reflects. Radiology is such a diverse specialty that has something to offer to all of us and for future generations of physicians, radiographers and students. Let me assure you that ECR 2018’s scientific and educational program will live up to the congress motto and offer something for everyone’s interest. Besides science, there is one topic that plays a major role in all meetings and that is food. I took a close look at the feedback we received from participants in recent years and it became clear to me that this is an area where we can do better. At ECR 2018 participants can expect a street food-style concept with Berlin currywurst and local specialities from our ESR meets countries - China, Portugal and Switzerland.
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