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Visaris Americas installs digital X-ray suite solution at Louisiana hospital

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 07, 2018
Digital Radiography X-Ray
Fully robotic, Vision C ceiling-suspended
digital X-ray suite
Visaris Americas, a producer of digital radiography (DR) technology, has rolled out a ceiling-suspended digital X-ray suite for patients at the Opelousas General Health System (OGHS), South Campus location in Opelousas, Louisiana.

The New York-based enterprise, in conjunction with its preferred channel partner for southern and central states, Ultimate Medical Services, has installed its fully robotic, Vision C ceiling-suspended digital X-ray suite, designed to reduce exam time and provide high quality images at lower doses with just the push of a button.

“The hardware is very compact and has no cables draping from the ceiling mount. The automated unit decreases the time to complete the examination,” Dr. Paula Sharkey, a radiologist at OGHS, told HCB News. “The software does an excellent job constructing a diagnostic image with much less dose than the prior equipment.”

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A wireless console supporting advanced functionality controls all components of the system and enables auto-positioning, long anatomy image stitching for orthopedics, multi-view imaging and multiple-visualizations of co-located anatomies without separate exposures.

The solution utilizes a fully flexible detector and fully motorized auto-positioning configuration, with manual override or more conventional configuration to tailor exams for specific needs.

It also comes with high-sensitivity DR flat panel technology in 42x43 cm and 35x43 cm portable wireless format to reduce dosage, and offers fully-robotic 360 degree patient positioning for enhanced patient comfort.

Safety is further enhanced through the use of integrated quality assurance modules for long-term monitoring and management of patient dosages and rejected images.

The system uses Visaris Americas’ Avanse image processing software platform, operates with eight hours of battery life, and is equipped with a highly mobile overhead tube stand that can be paired with a range of patient tables, detector stands, and combinations of fixed and portable detectors.

“This unit is very efficient and requires half the time to complete exams as compared to the equipment it replaced. It's a big plus for the patient and employees, improving throughput and satisfaction,” said Sharkey.

Imaging can be completed on any platform including mobile patient stretchers with workplace autonomy heightened by detector rotation and a charge-up capability.

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