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Spectral CT, workflow and dose reduction drive new CT scanner and software releases

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | October 15, 2018
CT X-Ray
From the October 2018 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

In April, the company also received FDA clearance for its SOMATOM Edge Plus and SOMATOM Force CT systems. Both scanners feature Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) Integrated Workflow with what the company calls the FAST 3D Camera, a patient positioning system that uses artificial intelligence.

Historically, patient positioning has been a manual task, with the height of the technologist impacting the patient position, Dedman explained.

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“A six-four tech versus a five-six tech will have a different visual perception of what the ISO center is,” Dedman said.

The FAST 3D camera, mounted above the table, uses an AI algorithm to do correct positioning for the exam, reducing variability among exams.

“When we looked at areas to develop new technologies, we’re always looking for ways to improve standardization and increase consistency for our customers,” Dedman said.

Xoran MiniCAT 2020
Xoran Technologies LLC
Xoran specializes in point-of-care CT scanners that are utilized in doctor's offices as well as the operating room. The company’s flagship product is the MiniCAT, which is primarily used in ENT and allergy offices for CT scans of the ears and sinuses.

In April 2018, the company released the MiniCAT 2020, a scanner that is further optimized for CT imaging within the workflow of the ENT clinic.

The scanner can differentiate between bone, liquid and air, giving clinicians the ability to detect disease, infection, obstruction and other ailments, said Russell Jahnke, director of product management for Xoran Technologies.

“We really looked at what patients are expecting,” Jahnke said. “When they go see their ENT, they really want to see things taken care of in as few visits as possible. The point-of-care imaging the MiniCAT offers in the ENT office is exactly that.”

In the middle of last year, the company introduced the xCAT, a portable head CT scanner for use in the OR, allowing surgeons access to CT imaging during surgery. This year, Xoran also released the xCAT IQ, a portable intraoperative CT designed for neurosurgeons to use in both the OR and the ICU.

“If a neurosurgery patient is in the ICU, the current standard-of-care is to pack them up and take them to the CT suite,” Jahnke said. “With the xCAT IQ, you can bring the device to the bedside.”

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