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MR method could spare patients with skull lesions from CT, says study Could benefit children and pregnant women

FDA greenlights Samsung S-Vue 3.02 dose reduction solution Reduces X-ray dose exposure for pediatric patients

DR now makes up over 80 percent of US general radiography install base Up from only half in 2015

FDA clears GE’s AI-based CT image reconstruction technology Available as upgrade to Revolution Apex scanner

The upper extremity value of mini C-arms in the ER and OR Insights from Dr. Korsh Jafarnia

X-ray sheds new light on ancient mummy The Everhart Museum in PA tapped Geisinger Radiology for help

First ultra high-res CT scan performed on US patient Scanner at UC Davis can image anatomy as small as 150 microns

Joint Commission fluoro mandate may confuse providers, say experts Requires max exposure rates of imaging modes for fluroscopy devices

This UK company is utilizing space technology to develop a portable 3D X-ray system Adaptix has received $1.35 million from space agencies

Industrial hi-res X-ray yields greater insight into child abuse case Identified microscopic injuries that would not have been detected with standard CT

Philips Medical Systems sues ex-employee over alleged secrets theft

by Thomas Dworetzky , Contributing Reporter
Philips Medical Systems has sued a former engineer, Jose Buan, over the alleged theft of secret information concerning its 2XXX X-ray tubes.

“As an employee working and then managing CTR2150 X-ray tube projects, Buan had unfettered access to myriad documentation of Philips’ trade secret and confidential business information relating to all aspects of the 2XXX project X-Ray Tube, including design, design history, specifications, manufacturing techniques, quality systems, and process improvement. Buan’s log-on credentials provided Buan with access to the entire design, manufacturing, quality and marketing files related to the Philips 2XXX X-ray Tubes in addition to other Philips products,” according to MassDevice citing Philips filings in the suit before the U.S. District Court for Northern Illinois.

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After Buan left the company in 2017 to lead a design and prototyping team at GL Leading Technologies, Philips found that he had taken over 800 company files that “contain trade secret information regarding the function and design of X-ray tubes that Philips developed over a period of many years,” according to the news site. The company also claimed that he had then erased his drive with a magnet “to conceal and/or destroy evidence of his misappropriation of Philips’ trade secret and other confidential business information,” and that the company “recovered at least a substantial portion of the data,” according to the report of the suit.

GL Leading Technologies was started a month before Buan joined the company, in December, 2017, claimed Mass Device.

“Buan and GL Leading are using unlawfully misappropriated Philips’ trade secret and other confidential business information to develop a knockoff of at least some models of the Philips 2XXX X-ray tubes,” the news site said court documents claimed, adding that the suit stated that, “information on Philips designs, design history, specifications, and manufacturing techniques cannot be reverse-engineered from a sample Philips 2XXX X-ray tube. For example, the materials, circuitry, controls, and other features of the design were refined over years of development and commercial use,” and continued that, “without having misappropriated such trade secrets and other confidential business information relating to aspects of design, design logic, and process controls, GL Leading would not have been able to so rapidly progress in its development of a commercial knockoff.”
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X-Ray Homepage

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