Getting to 'yes' in enterprise imaging

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Getting to 'yes' in enterprise imaging

by John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | July 01, 2019
Business Affairs

Garriott listed six steps in successfully implementing imaging enterprise change:

  • Effective Sponsorship: Stakeholders — read medical and imaging staff — must see the person leading the change as credible with personal ownership in the project. The sponsor must also have time to dedicate to the project with passion and competence.
  • Get influencers on board: Start with persuadable opponents who can help restrict and dilute influential opponents. Committees and group decision-making are a good strategy. Be sure to engage all stakeholders by asking for opinions. And show have appreciation for influencers’ contributions.
  • Seek to understand: People impacted by change have competing priorities, cultural bias, incumbency, and resistance. Know these pain points and seek buy-in from departmental executives.
  • Lead with visible value: Prioritize and measure, and do start with a project that offers high value and lower risk. Be sure to measure benefits — and above all, communicate this information.
  • Care for change management: Communicate the strategic and clinical benefits to the department and promote early wins. Provide adequate training and be empathetic throughout the change process.
  • Provide workflow analysis: Workflow is unique to every operation. Key to success on this measure is to listen, observe, question, design, and validate.

A third speaker, Dr. Cheryl Petersilge, medical director, Integrated Content and Enterprise Imaging, Cleveland Clinic, covered the benefits of creating and administering a detailed plan, complete with timelines, metrics, and costs.

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The plan, she said, needs to be flexible enough to incorporate unexpected events and changes. Such a template should mirror the goals of top leadership on such issues as value-based purchasing, cybersecurity, and AI implementation.

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