Four questions with Andre Hartung, head of imaging diagnostics at Siemens Healthineers

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Four questions with Andre Hartung, head of imaging diagnostics at Siemens Healthineers

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | December 10, 2019
European News

HCB News: Is there a cohesive, singular message Siemens is trying to convey at RSNA this year?

AH: Shaping the future of healthcare by means of digitalization in order to improve patient care. That’s basically what it is. Making sure things become easier to operate. Making sure we can support our customers in order to facilitate and help them do their job with greater performance. This is driven in particular by the companions that we bring to the market, as well as by assessing operational efficiency.

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When you think about managing fleets of systems, you want to make sure you have the similar standout across your enterprise imaging fleet. There, we have a lot of solutions. One is our syngo Virtual Cockpit. Another is Teamplay. We have a new Teamplay analytics platform called Teamplay Insights that gives you a good view of how well you modalities are used and if they are used in a similar fashion. You can then optimize how your modalities are being used. There are other topics too like dose monitoring and dose control.

HCB News: A couple years ago AI took over as the most awe inspiring concept in imaging. Do you see the emphasis shifting in any way at RSNA 2019?

AH: It still plays a major role but the important question is, ‘What is AI?’ AI is a key enabler to learn out of data and to make machines learn. That’s what AI is doing. To me, it’s an enabler to develop solutions that actually are products that really support our customers. In the future it will continue to be a key enabler. I think it’s more on the higher level of digitalization that not only includes AI but involves connecting the various data pools and making sure you derive new insights out of this data. AI is a tool that helps but it’s not the only thing that is driving the industry.

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