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With AI Workflow Suite, Philips partners with Aidoc, MaxQ AI and others

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | December 02, 2019
Artificial Intelligence
Philips has introduced a platform to bring a curated selection of artificial intelligence (AI) applications into the imaging workflow.

At this year’s RSNA annual meeting, the company debuted its work-in-progress IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite, part of Philips' new enterprise imaging informatics solution, with AI applications from several partners, including Aidoc, MaxQ AI, Quibim, Riverain Technologies and Zebra Medical.

As part of the debut, Philips announced that Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands recently signed on as the first healthcare provider to install the platform.

“The key to the game is going to be really translating that directly into the clinical workflow, finding ways to be able to really put that in, so that it’s not just something that’s adjacent or added, so customers don’t have to contract with a million different vendors,” Kevin Lev, the AI solutions marketing lead at Philips, told HCB News during an interview on the show floor in Chicago.

The solution can identify the data sets that are coming in and automatically sends them to the appropriate AI application.

“I would call it automating the automation,” Lev said.

Applications include those from Aidoc that flag intracranial hemorrhage, C-spine fractures and pulmonary embolism; MaxQ AI’s ACCIPIO intracranial hemorrhage and stroke platform; applications from Quibim that include brain lesion detection, chest X-ray classifier, emphysema, liver fat and iron concentration, and brain atrophy analysis; applications from Riverain Technologies that include the company's ClearRead bone suppression and ClearRead CT; and Zebra Medical’s applications for intracranial hemorrhage and pneumothorax.

The platform also provides the tools for customers who want to develop their own algorithms and integrate them into the facility’s workflow.

The IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite can also be used alongside imaging solutions from other vendors. It is part of Philips’ next-generation enterprise imaging solution, recently introduced after the company made strategic investments in research and development and acquisitions.

Philips was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan as Company of the Year for Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced Radiology Interpretation.

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