FDA gives nod to Siemens' AI-based MR interpretation assistants

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | August 21, 2020
Artificial Intelligence MRI
AI-RAD Companion Brain MR for Morphometry Analysis (Photo courtesy of Siemens Healthineers)
The FDA has approved two of Siemens’ AI-based MR interpretation assistants in the AI-RAD Companion family.

The AI-RAD Companion Brain MR for Morphometry Analysis automatically segments the brain in MR images, measures brain volume and marks volume deviations, while the AI-RAD Companion Prostate MR for Biopsy Support automatically segments the prostate and enables radiologists to mark lesions for targeted prostate biopsies.

"These new AI-Rad Companion applications for MR exams in the brain and prostate regions will help physicians manage their workloads and achieve a patient-focused decision-making process to increase efficiency and improve the quality of care," said Peter Shen, vice president of innovation and digital business at Siemens Healthineers North America, in a statement.
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The AI-RAD Companion Brain MR for Morphometry Analysis assists in brain volumetry, which involves measuring the volume of gray matter, white matter and cerebrospinal fluid in various segments of the brain. The results are fed into a report where deviations from the norm are marked automatically. Clinicians can then compare findings to see if volume is lower than normal, which could be an indication of dementia, such as with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

The solution uses AI to automatically identify roughly 30 brain segments on MR images, measure volumes, and compare results to data in a normative reference database for brain morphometry from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, which supplies researchers with study data to use in clinical trials examining the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It eliminates the time required to manually or semi-automatically segment and compare findings.

The AI-RAD Companion Prostate MR for Biopsy Support automatically segments the outer contour of the prostate in seconds rather than minutes, with the radiologist simply marking the suspect areas and sending the annotated MR images to the urologist. The urologist fuses the MR images with the ultrasound images to create targeted, MR-supported biopsies that can help detect significant prostate carcinomas and improve patient care.

Both AI-RAD Companion software assistants can be used on MR scanners designed by Siemens and other manufacturers, and are available on the teamplay cloud-based digital health platform from Siemens. The AI-RAD Companion family is seamlessly integrated into the existing clinical workflow and is DICOM compliant.

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