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Imbio joins with Genentech on quantitative imaging diagnostics for lung disease

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | October 08, 2020
Artificial Intelligence
Imbio has partnered with Genentech to develop quantitative imaging diagnostics for lung diseases
Imbio, a provider of AI solutions for medical imaging analysis, has teamed up with Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, to develop quantitative imaging diagnostics for lung diseases.

The two will embark on a multi-year agreement that utilizes Imbio’s technical, regulatory and commercial expertise with Genentech's pulmonary disease expertise to build and deploy medical imaging AI technology and imaging biomarkers for research, clinical trials and clinical practice.

"Many leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies are now leveraging the wealth of information found within imaging data," Mike Hostetler, director of marketing and sales for Imbio, told HCB News. "Genentech is certainly one of the companies leading the way, with a focus on personalized healthcare and a broad spectrum of interest in respiratory conditions. That combination marries well with Imbio's technology, expertise, and our mission."

Imbio offers quantitative and personalized imaging analysis for patients suffering from both acute and chronic diseases. Its fully automated technology can create visual maps from chest CT studies of a patient's lungs, with accompanying reports that provide detailed data on the type and extent of abnormalities found in the images.

Imbio products support multiple clinical initiatives such as lung cancer screening, smoking cessation and pulmonary embolism management programs, and can be used in clinical trials and academic research for numerous diseases. The company will continue to develop and market its proprietary portfolio of quantitative imaging algorithms for lung and cardiothoracic diseases outside the collaboration. This includes its commercial algorithms, Lung Density Analysis and Lung Texture Analysis; and research algorithms, Airway Analysis, Coronary Calcification, and RV/LV Analysis.

It recently announced that its FDA-cleared solutions will be available on the Nuance AI Marketplace, the first and largest workflow-integrated market with one-stop access to a range of AI diagnostic models from within the Nuance radiology reporting platform.

"From Imbio's perspective, our core portfolio of lung and cardiothoracic AI can help support the diagnosis, treatment, and therapy response measurement in a substantial patient population across the globe," said Hostetler. "This partnership can facilitate the delivery of that support to treating physicians everywhere so they can provide more personalized healthcare to their patients."

The partnership between Imbio and Genentech is expected to hold the potential to enhance drug development and deliver more personalized healthcare.

"Imaging biomarkers have the potential to significantly improve patient diagnosis, selection and understanding of response to therapy," said Dr. James Sabry, Ph.D., global head of Roche Pharma Partnering, in a statement.

Imbio's long-term plans include expanding its technology to other disease states, including those in the liver and other soft tissue organs.

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