Canon partners with Glassbeam for diagnostic imaging service analytics

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | November 30, 2020
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Glassbeam Clinsights
Canon Medical and Glassbeam are partnering to give providers insight into unplanned downtime, suboptimal performance, and other challenges concerning the maintenance of diagnostic imaging systems.

Developed by Glassbeam, Clinsights provides AI-powered service analytics to increase operational efficiency.

“These analytics enable predictive maintenance, thereby maximizing customer uptime and customer satisfaction. Service operations are streamlined with the reports that Glassbeam analytics provide, enhancing operational efficiencies,” Suresh Narayan, director of service life cycle and installed base for Canon Medical, told HCB News.
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Clinsights offers a service plan for Canon Medical and multi-vendor service customers. The platform collects disparate machine data on imaging system performance, critical part efficiency and log files that it analyzes for irregularities and error codes. It then produces dashboards and reports with analyses and tracking of physician performance at different facilities, as well as physician referral and exam scheduling. It also uses AI modeling to generate proactive maintenance alerts.

One module of information it provides is dose analytics, which includes monitoring and tracking dose compliance, and benchmarks against other organizations. All data is compiled in a consolidated executive dashboard for review and action by the healthcare administration executive team. Other types include reports on assets, clinical utilization, referral program analytics and technologist performance analytics.

Canon will deploy Clinsights to install bases for CT, MR and vascular lab systems across the U.S. It expects remote monitoring through the system will enable it to improve its field service team efficiency and meet a large set of customer maintenance needs.

“The ability that Glassbeam provides to Canon in terms of remotely monitoring and centrally visualizing and reviewing our entire installed base is key during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Narayan. “We will continue to use these tools as we streamline and optimize our service operations going forward.”

The two companies will work together to extend Clinsights to other modalities in the future.

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