COVID-19 vaccine scandal at Chicago’s Loretto Hospital leads to resignation

by Robin Lasky, Contributing Reporter | March 26, 2021

Later, a number of other instances of similar impropriety came to light. In early February, Loretto Hospital administered shots to 200 people at the suburban church that CEO George Miller attends and where he is a longtime friend of the church’s leader.

On March 3rd, as reported by Block Club Chicago, another similar event took place at a high-end jewelry and designer watch store frequented by Ahmed. According to sources and appraisal documents obtained by Block Club Chicago, Ahmed may have spent up to a cumulative $300,000.00 in purchases at the shop. A spokesperson from Loretto Hospital has denied that the event occurred.

Further, according to sources and communications obtained by WBEZ Chicago, it also appears that 13, as yet ineligible, Cook County judges were also allowed to jump the line and get vaccinated at Loretto Hospital.

Sources have also provided information alleging that “higher-ups” at Maple & Ash, a steakhouse in Chicago’s wealthy Gold Coast area, that Ahmed is reported to have frequented for business meetings, and in which he routinely ran up $1,000 bills, were also given early access to the vaccine.

As reported by Block Club Chicago, a spokesperson from Loretto Hospital commented, “The Loretto Board of Directors is conducting an audit of all off-site vaccination events, and it will share its findings with the mayor’s office and Chicago Department of Public Health.”

According to state records, Anash Ahmed and Dr. Sumeer Suhail are both managers of Aljazara Halal Meat, LLC, an entity that owns a slaughterhouse in Kankakee County. It is unknown whether this entity is one of Maple & Ash’s meat vendors, but it would not be the first time these two faced suspicion of impropriety in connection with Ahmed’s former executive position at Loretto Hospital.

In 2019, soon after Ahmed was appointed COO of Loretto Hospital, Loretto Hospital sought permission to build a $2,000,000 dialysis facility, which was proposed to be run by Suhail through his company Austin Dialysis Center LLC. After controversy arose concerning discovery of the undisclosed business relationship between Ahmed and Suhail, as well as criticism that the center was unneeded and would oversaturate the market for dialysis in the area, the project was quietly scrapped.

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