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GE Healthcare unveils Revolution Ascend CT system

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 23, 2021
Artificial Intelligence CT X-Ray
Revolution Ascend CT system
GE Healthcare has integrated a slew of AI technologies into its latest CT system, Revolution Ascend, which hit the market this week.

Designed to increase operational efficiency and patient comfort, the 75 cm-wide gantry is capable of performing a variety of functions to personalize care, from adjusting table level to optimizing scan range settings, dose and image quality.

The system is expected by GE to help decrease setup time for scans, which is the most time-consuming part of the CT experience. “Historically, these have been manual processes, putting them at risk of human error; however, AI offers new opportunities to automate workflows and expedite exams with the same or better results,” said Timothy Szczykutowicz, director of clinical operations and the CT Protocol Project at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, in a statement.

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The solution is integrated with GE’s Effortless Workflow, a suite of AI solutions consisting of auto positioning to correct table elevation and align the center of the scan range with the isocenter of the bore. The CT technologist just scans a patient’s chart, chooses from suggested protocols and clicks a button to generate a 3D model of the patient’s body, which the system uses to make necessary adjustments.

The system also uses intelligent tools embedded in the Clarity Operator Environment to adjust range settings, dose and image quality for each individual. It can reduce 91% of image noise at the same dose and improve spatial resolution by two times at the same image quality. This cuts scan setup time by 56% and saves 21% of time for the entire exam.

Revolution Ascend is equipped with a deep neural network that generates True Fidelity CT images to improve reading confidence for head, whole body and cardiovascular scans on patients of all ages. It can elevate every image to a powerful first impression with impressive image quality performance and preferred image sharpness and noise texture, without compromising low dose levels.

Another feature is the scanner’s 75 cm-wide gantry and lower table position, which increases the patient area inside the bore by 22%. This is the widest gantry aperture at the shortest geometry design in its class and provides additional space for more comfortable CT scanning. It can be used to assess high body mass index patients and trauma cases that would be too delicate to examine in a smaller size gantry, and has 40 mm detector coverage.

“Not only does the system’s hardware help accommodate more patients with various physical limitations, but its cutting-edge AI also helps expedite exams so healthcare system schedules can accommodate additional patient scans,” said Jean-Luc Procaccini, president and CEO of molecular imaging and CT at GE Healthcare.

Revolution Ascend’s Effortless Workflow is available as an upgrade to existing GE Healthcare CT systems or by acquiring Smart Subscription at Edison Service.

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