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GE launches fixed digital X-ray system, Definium Tempo

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 29, 2021
Definium Tempo
To reduce work-related injuries and lessen the burden technologists face when setting up digital X-ray scans, GE Healthcare has a new fixed system designed to automate imaging processes and reduce workflow burdens.

Definium Tempo is designed to allow radiologists and technologists to spend more time with patients while still ensuring that images produced are of high-quality and usable for making diagnoses and decisions about treatment. The solution is expected to maximize ergonomic operations for the technologist, while lowering patient anxiety.

"Our next-gen fixed X-ray system, Definium Tempo was designed to be a personal assistant to radiologists and technologists - acting much like an in-room 'command center' and enabling the technologist to finish all exam setup and positioning work without having to leave the patient's side helping radiology departments deliver the best patient care possible," Tanya Lancaster, GE Healthcare - General Manager for Fixed X-ray, told HCB News.

Technologists, radiologists and radiology administrators are facing increased workloads and often endure heavy lifting, repetitive motions, uneasy patients and long hours in their daily work environment. More than 70% of technologies experience work-related injuries. In addition, variability in patient positioning and exam set up can lead to extra dose with retake imaging rates as high as 25%.

The console oversees all functionality, including patient selection, protocol selection, technique modification and positioning setup. With it, the technologist can set up the exam and position work without having to leave the patient’s side. Automated workflows can help start the exam, with auto positioning, auto centering and auto tracking used throughout to enhance its efficiency.

“With user-friendly features embedded in the console, our technologists are able to stay focused on the patient in the room and on the table, and provide critical care to patients who are nervous, worried or anxious about the exam which helps improve overall outcomes and helps us get to diagnoses faster,” said Dr. Orlando Ortiz, radiologist at North Central Bronx Hospital, in a statement.

The scanner also uses Helix 2.1 Advanced Image Processing software for quadruple resolution images provided by FlashPad HD detectors. It can produce images with strong anatomical details and magnification at low dose, while reducing electronic noise.

The release of Definium Tempo follows that of GE Healthcare’s other X-ray system, AMX Navigate, which is designed to reduce lifting force by up to 70% and allow technologists to avoid injuries and musculoskeletal stress.

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