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Johnson & Johnson taps Microsoft Cloud for digital surgical platform

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | January 17, 2022
Artificial Intelligence Health IT Operating Room
Johnson & Johnson is partnering with Microsoft Cloud to enhance connectivity within its digital surgical platform
The Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC) has entrusted Microsoft to help it enhance connectivity within its digital surgery portfolio.

Microsoft will leverage its cloud technologies to help JJMDC enhance the IoT device connectivity of its digital surgical technology. The aim is to improve workflows and provide surgeons with more data to make comprehensive decisions that will improve patient outcomes and experiences and financially benefit providers. This includes predicting patient responses and tailoring treatment plans.

To do this, Microsoft will utilize its Azure, AI and machine learning, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 solutions to help manage JJMDC’s surgical systems, including its next-generation robotics, instrumentation, advanced imaging and visualization, data and analytics, AI and machine learning and digital technologies.

"We all know that procedural outcomes for patients – surgeries, outpatient procedures – are highly variable," said Peter Schulam, Head of the Office of Digital Innovation at JJMDC. "With data, we can provide guidance to help improve a surgeon's performance by augmenting their judgment and/or enhancing their skill."

With Microsoft, JJMDC plans to create a unified cloud platform to personalize surgical care, and a dashboard to monitor its digital surgical portfolio. The partnership will make Microsoft the preferred cloud provider of JJMDC’s digital surgery solutions, according to mobihealthnews.

“It brings together our collective expertise and is an exciting step toward creating a connected patient journey across the entire care continuum, before, during and after a procedure,” said Larry Jones, Group CIO and global vice president of medical devices at Johnson & Johnson, in a statement on the collaboration.

JJMDC will rely on Microsoft’s AI and ML technology to collect valuable insights from data to personalize surgical care. The company’s Azure IoT and Edge Computing technology will be used to facilitate JJMDC device connectivity, insights and intelligence, and Azure will additionally be used to accelerate digital innovations among JJMDC's digital surgery devices.

Microsoft is also teaming up with CVS Health to digitize its operations and help the retail company make more “customized health recommendations” for its customers, including mobile alerts for cancer screenings and reminders to people at risk to buy specific necessities.

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