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Quantum Surgical gets FDA clearance for robotic liver cancer treatment

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 28, 2022
Operating Room

Ablation as a first treatment option for very-early and early-stage liver cancer is supported by the Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) treatment criteria as an alternative to surgery. Beyond the BCLC criteria, data supports the procedure as a first line treatment that can potentially cure cancer when surgery is not an option. Less than 30% of patients with liver tumors are eligible for surgical resection due to the presence of multiple tumors, underlying poor liver function, or general health issues that limit the success of surgery.

"Interventional radiologists are already treating many cancer patients on a daily basis in a variety of organs beyond the liver," said Blondel. "Our intent is to expand the use of Epione to organs such as kidney, lung and bone where percutaneous ablation has demonstrated clinically proven benefits to the patient."

He adds that the company plans to add AI features that support treatment preplanning and confirmation phases by automating manual tasks performed by physicians. "AI shows great promise streamlining medical imaging tasks while bringing quality and consistency."

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