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IBA acquires phantom manufacturer Modus Medical Devices

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 06, 2022
Business Affairs Rad Oncology Proton Therapy

IBA recently partnered with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) in a four-year research collaboration to develop a new FLASH irradiation protocol for early-stage breast cancer.

An advanced form of radiotherapy, FLASH therapy delivers ultrahigh doses of radiation at roughly 40 Gy/s in less than one second. This shortens the number of treatment sessions a patient requires and the damage and toxicity to surrounding healthy tissue, while delivering radiation directly to the tumor. IBA and UMCG will build advanced FLASH irradiation techniques and preclinical radiobiology models that validate and speed up commercial adoption of IBA’s ConformalFLASH technology for use in preoperative early breast cancer treatment.

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It also has developed a low energy, compact-sized cyclotron designed to bring radiopharmaceutical production in-house at small and medium-sized hospitals. Known as Cyclone KEY, the solution creates more accessibility to PET imaging and allows for the production of major isotopes Fluorine-18, Carbon-11 and Ammonia-13.

From the three of them, several others can be produced including 18FDG for cancer diagnostics, Na18F for bone scans, 18F-PSMA for prostate cancer imaging, 13NH3 applied in cardiology imaging, and compounds based on carbon-11 for neurology application and drug development.

Financial details of the acquisition of Modus QA were not disclosed.

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