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Elekta unveils next generation Gamma Knife

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 11, 2022
Rad Oncology
Esprit (Photo courtesy of Elekta)
Elekta has debuted a new radiosurgery system, Esprit, a next-generation Gamma Knife designed to automate and speed up treatment planning as well as personalize radiotherapy.

Based on the company’s Leksell Gamma Knife technology, Esprit improves visualization and offers remote accessibility and collaboration tools to treatment teams. It is made to be highly precise and accurate so that clinicians can treat challenging targets without damaging a person’s motor, sensory and neurocognitive functions or their quality of life.

The solution was unveiled on May 6 at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) 2022.
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"Esprit will allow clinicians to take radiosurgery to the next level and treat patients with the highest accuracy, protecting their mind and memories and enabling a higher quality of life. Continuing the Leksell Gamma Knife tradition, Elekta yet again redefines what was thought possible in stereotactic radiosurgery,” said Elekta's president and CEO Gustaf Salford in a statement.

Over 90,000 patients receive Gamma Knife surgery annually for nearly 60 intracranial conditions, including functional, vascular, benign and malignant indications, according to Elekta. A fully automated system, the Leksell Gamma Knife is designed with high accuracy to treat conditions in the most challenging areas of the brain.

It is a single robotic system with three collimators that automatically changes collimator size based on the treatment plan. Patients treated with it receive fast, painless treatment, often conducted in an outpatient surgical setting, without being placed under general anesthesia or even convalescence.

Esprit’s accuracy is <0.3 mm and has flexible workflow options based on single session, fractionated, adaptive or staged protocols. This accuracy, combined with low body dose, helps spare healthy tissue to preserve the mind and quality of life in patients.

The noninvasive brain treatment makes radiosurgery a gentler alternative to open surgery and conventional radiotherapy. It allows for end-to-end ease of use and comes in a seamless integrated system design. Continuous advancements in design also optimize treatment planning and delivery and offer flexible workflow options.

Long-term published data shows positive patient outcomes and improved quality of life, as well as evidence that the solution can be used for a wide range of neurosurgical and oncological brain indications.

The solution is CE-pending and is not available in Europe or the U.S.

Elekta did not respond for comment.

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