Fujifilm unveils wireless, hybrid C-arm and portable X-ray scanner

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | July 12, 2022
FDR Cross
Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corporation has debuted its FDR Cross hybrid C-arm and portable X-ray solution, in the U.S.

Designed for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, the dual-function modality is the first to combine portable fluoroscopic and radiographic imaging on a single platform, which reduces the need for adding other scanning equipment for image-guided procedures. “The FDR Cross allows healthcare organizations to maximize equipment utilization by performing fluoroscopic, verification and portable imaging with a single imaging system,” said Rob Fabrizio, director of strategic marketing for medical imaging systems at FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation, in a statement.

The solution has a pivoting tube head and removable detector design that make imaging more flexible, and is compatible with Fujifilm’s ultra-lightweight, glass-free FDR D-EVO III detectors for 10x12, 14x17 and 17x17 inch sizes. The 17x17 size creates an imaging area of up to twice the size of standard C-arm systems.

The interchangeable detector holder allows clinicians to switch between or choose three different detector sizes for a range of surgical exams and budgets. Offsetting the X-ray tube from the built-in detector puts wireless X-ray imaging on par with standard portable X-ray scanning for tabletop, cross-table, wheelchair, and standing chest exams.

Additionally, FDR Cross is fully wireless for up to eight hours and weighs 150 pounds less than conventional compact C-arms.

FUJIFILM is showcasing the solution at the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) 50th Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

Last November, the company debuted another mobile compact C-arm, Persona CS, at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Conference. Designed for the OR, the system is useful for orthopedic procedures, complex surgeries, pain management (anesthetics) and emergency operations.

The year before, it launched a predecessor, Persona C, for ultra-low-dose fluoroscopy and vascular imaging, as well as the Persona RF PREMIUM System, which scans skeletal, digestive, urinary, respiratory and reproductive systems in real time, as well as specific organs. The two marked the company’s entry into the surgical and fluoroscopy markets.

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