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Konica Minolta adds glassless detector, motion visualization to mobile X-ray

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | July 13, 2022
Konica Minolta has added its DDR technology and new AeroDR Glassless High Definition Detector to its mKDR Xpress Mobile X-ray system.
Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas is integrating its Dynamic Digital Radiography technology, designed to visualize anatomy in motion, along with its new AeroDR Glassless High Definition Detector onto its mKDR Xpress Mobile X-ray System.

Used at the bedside and in the ER, OR, CCU and ICU, the mKDR Xpress uses a tube-mounted graphic user interface and image preview function to produce clear images that can be viewed quickly. DDR acquires individual digital images at high speeds and low dose and creates a cine loop that shows up to 40 seconds of anatomy in motion. This capability will enable mKDR Xpress users to observe and evaluate the dynamic interaction of anatomical structures with physiological changes over time.

They can obtain both static and dynamic images. The solution is especially helpful for diagnosing and monitoring pulmonary disease and orthopedic conditions, said Guillermo Sander, marketing director for digital radiography at Konica Minolta Healthcare, in a statement. “It is the only technology of its kind available today and in portable imaging; X-ray in motion is only possible on the mKDR Xpress."
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The mKDR Xpress' slim design and collapsible column allow it to fit into tight spaces and move around easily. It also has on-board charging for two detectors, front and back storage for them, and accessories to help in demanding mobile X-ray procedures.

Konica Minolta is expanding on this ease of use with the AeroDR Glassless Flat Panel Detector. At 4.2 lbs., including with the built-in power cell, the wireless panel weighs 27% less than previous AeroDR Flat Panel Detectors, and still provides the same image resolution and sharpness. Its pixel size is the smallest in the world at 100µm, and it has a high detective quantum efficiency (DQE) for assessing fine and small structures.

Its glassless substrate replaces a glass-based substrate, and it also has excellent drop impact resistance, an antibacterial carbon enclosure, and can be used for up to eight hours after charging. Intelligent Grid for grid-less imaging and tube and gauze image enhancement with REALISM make it suitable for surgical imaging applications.

“We envision a world where advanced X-ray capabilities provide the immediacy of information that clinicians need, at a lower cost than other imaging systems, so they can make better decisions, sooner,” said Sander.

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