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The latest innovations in MR imaging technology

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | September 26, 2022
From the September 2022 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Artificial intelligence continues to drive the latest technological advances in MR, and has been employed to help make scans faster and remove noise from images. This is increasingly important as pandemic-related backlogs continue to impact healthcare systems.

Here’s a look at the latest in MR scanners, software and coils from several manufacturers.

Canon Medical Systems
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Canon Medical Systems rebranded a feature called EasyTech as Auto Scan Assist. The new, AI-powered solution helps automate slice alignment for the exam, so a technologist who is not experienced with a specific exam, for the liver, prostate or spine, can perform one. It also reduces patient table time, increasing patient comfort, said Tim Joseph, managing leader of strategic development for the MR business unit for Canon Medical Systems.

“This tool, in a single click, can identify whether the anatomy is or is not centered in the bore and then align all of the slices automatically, so the technologist doesn't have to do anything but verify slice positions,” Joseph said. “We also have a new single-click alignment feature for the entire spine, if you're doing a spine survey, which takes a long time to meticulously position all of the axial slices. That technologist can spend a lot of time identifying all of those slice locations. The system does it automatically for them. It's also really nice for repeat patients coming back for rescans to improve consistency in slice positioning.”

The company also offers a new camera to assist with patient alignment and decrease rescans.

Canon also introduced a new tablet user interface that connects to the scanner and allows the technologist to check in with the next patient remotely before the exam, with their medical questionnaire and health history, and even select scanning protocols before they come into the exam room.

“Being able to find efficiencies inside the scanner and shorten exam times with things like Compressed Speeder and with all of the acceleration techniques that we have, we are also looking elsewhere to speed up that process; and one of those ways is to have the patient ready prior to the one that's on the table,” Joseph said. “It makes for what we think is a nice, accelerated workflow.”

Canon also has replaced its Orian Aero X 1.5T scanner, which has a 16- or 32-channel option, with the Vantage Fortian, to distinguish it from the Orian scanner, which has 128 channels. The new system incorporates the new ceiling camera and tablet. The Vantage Fortian was FDA cleared after last year’s RSNA.

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