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Carestream unveils new long-length X-ray detector

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | December 21, 2022
Carestream DRX-LC Detector
Carestream takes aim at improving patient comfort, productivity and efficiency with its new long-length imaging DR detector.

The CARESTREAM DRX-LC X-ray detector captures long-bone and spine images with a single exposure, (rather than the traditional multi-shot approach) making it well-suited for pediatric imaging and long-bone and spine images of people with limited mobility.

“Hospitals and clinics are looking for a better way to conduct long-length imaging exams that allow for lower dose, quicker exams, and fewer repeats,” said Jill Hamman, worldwide marketing manager, Global X-ray Solutions, at Carestream. "The DRX-LC helps to minimize patient discomfort as the hold time is drastically reduced."

The detector, which can be used wirelessly or tethered, is compatible with digital radiography (DR) mobile systems and mobile retrofits, as well as X-ray rooms and room retrofits. The mobility of the system and its X-Factor capability allows facilities to use the same detector across multiple DRX systems for all phases of surgical treatment, from preplanning imaging in the radiology department to capturing images during the procedure in the OR, to confirm placement, and for post-operative assessment.
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The DRX-LC Detector, which is pending FDA clearance, utilizes a Cesium scintillator for improved dose efficiency. It uses ImageView Software, powered by Eclipse, the engine behind the company’s software platform.

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