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Mayo Clinic's new partnership targets augmented reality for surgical navigation

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | December 29, 2022
Artificial Intelligence CT MRI Operating Room X-Ray
MediView has partnered with Mayo Clinic to advance augmented reality 3D surgical navigation technology.
Mayo Clinic will provide clinical, technological and research support to augmented reality medtech company MediView XR to refine and advance 3D X-ray surgical navigation technology that enables direct visualization and interactions with 3D anatomy during percutaneous procedures.

Standard 2D systems lack integration between medical images and the location of clinicians tools, and lead to a poor understanding of 3D images. For example, in 2D imaging, physicians keep track of progress during procedures with flat panel monitors. But these panels require them to look away from surgical sites, disrupting hand-eye coordination and leading to reduced confidence and potentially impacting outcomes.

MediView XR uses technology that facilitates 3D “X-ray vision” through the skin to guide surgeons during minimally invasive procedures. Its XR90 solution applies augmented reality to precisely overlay highly detailed and colorized 3D MR or CT images of a patient’s internal anatomy, including bones, organs and vasculature.
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Working with Mayo, it aims to build upon these capabilities and create a solution that will provide real-time feedback on if surgical instruments are in the proper anatomical location and alert surgeons to potential imminent medical errors. Long-term, it intends to improve clinical workflow with these solutions, enhance remote collaboration, simplify minimally invasive procedures and remove barriers to patient access.

“We will equip practitioners with intuitive surgical visualization and navigation tools to inform clinical decision-making to confidently deliver better care to more patients,” said Mina Fahim, president and CEO of MediView XR, in a statement.

The technology will consist of an augmented reality headset that allows clinicians to visualize 3D images of the patient’s anatomy and displays of other procedural information simultaneously so they can continue to perform procedures without interruptions to the surgical workflow.

Clinicians and specialists in remote locations will be able to view the procedure and communicate feedback in real time, allowing them to provide guidance for the care of rural and underserved patients.

Mayo Clinic has a financial interest in the technology and will use any revenue it receives to support MediView XR in this endeavor.

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