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Canon Medical unveils multipurpose X-ray system at ECR

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 06, 2023
Canon Medical's multi-purpose X-ray system, the Celex.
Canon Medical showed off the advanced DR imaging capabilities of its new, versatile, multipurpose X-ray system, the Celex, last week at ECR 2023 in Vienna.

Using its built-in inMotion auto-positioning technology, the scanner can save nearly one thousand different auto-positions and preset examination parameters for the detector and tube that can be used for future clinical procedures.

Procedures can be customized based on a department’s needs with the user interface, which provides intuitive control over the system’s movements and exposure parameters using self-explanatory icons on the large touch screen. The touch screen interface of the inControl Console comes with four touch-sensitive joysticks that are color-coded and highly distinguishable.

Both the system and the carbon fiber patient table are made entirely of materials that reduce X-ray absorption. Advanced and specialized software algorithms and specific programs for pediatric patients contribute by reducing noise, boosting contrast and providing advanced edge enhancement. Additionally, the system grid can be easily removed, allowing the patient table to be moved out of the X-ray beam.

The solution’s small footprint reduces installation space and maximizes the work area around the patient table. For better versatility and functionality, the tabletop can be detached and parked on a trolley, increasing space for patients in wheelchairs or on stretchers and supporting procedures that require free space inside the C-arm.

In addition to the Celex, Canon introduced its new 80/160-slice CT scanner, the Aquilion Serve, at the annual meeting. The scanner is designed to perform the industry-first, 3D Landmark Scan, which is acquired at the same dose as a traditional dual scanogram by previewing axial slices together with traditional AP and lateral views. Along with Anatomical Landmark Detection (ALD), this feature allows users to identify anatomical structures required to perform automatic scan planning for all routine exams.

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