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Carestream Health wins bid to install 64 DRX-Evolution Plus X-ray systems across Italy

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 08, 2023
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DRX-Evolution Plus X-ray system (Photo courtesy of Carestream)
Carestream Health has won a tender from Italy’s Concessionaria Servizi Informativi Pubblici (CONSIP), the national purchasing organization in charge of procurement for the country’s public administration, to install 64 of its DRX-Evolution Plus X-ray systems at healthcare facilities throughout the nation.

The CONSIP committee is acquiring the scanners as part of a national plan to renew Italy’s healthcare infrastructure. In 2020, the Italian government allocated €235 million to acquire diagnostic equipment, including ECG machines, ultrasound systems and IT platforms, according to the International Trade Administration.

Through the National Recovery and Resilience Program, it received €1.18 billion that will go toward the purchase of 3,133 devices, including CT and MR scanners, linear accelerators, fixed X-ray systems, angiography systems, gamma cameras, PET scanners, mammography units, and ultrasound devices.

The DRX-Evolution Plus X-ray system utilizes smart noise cancellation technology to preserve details and enhance contrast-to-noise ratio for quality imaging, and Smart Room features to automate tasks and workflow steps to save time and accelerate radiographer productivity.

Users position the X-ray tube, patient, and the detector at various angles for Carestream’s Digital Tomosynthesis software to capture multiple projection images from, reconstructing them into a series of slices that separate overlapping structures, similar to a standard CT, but at a lower dose.

The software is powered by Eclipse, a technology that uses proprietary algorithms and advanced image processing applications for scanning, and enables users to control settings and make adjustments to capture precise images they seek. It also provides companion views to reduce the number of exposures necessary for creating a clearer view of the area of interest.

Back in December, Carestream unveiled its long-length DRX-LC X-ray detector, which captures long-bone and spine images with a single exposure, reducing radiation in adult and pediatric imaging, and making it a good option for people with limited mobility.

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