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Tampa General diagnoses and removes lung cancer in a single day

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 27, 2023
Operating Room
da Vinci Surgical System
With two different robotic platforms, physicians at not-for-profit Tampa General Hospital diagnosed and surgically removed a lung tumor from a patient all in one day, sparing them weeks of waiting for the second procedure, during which time the cancer could have spread.

Both minimally invasive procedures resulted in minimal blood loss and a faster recovery, and were performed with Intuitive Surgical’s Ion endoluminal system and da Vinci Surgical System, without the patient leaving the surgical suite.

The Ion bronchoscopy platform has a vision probe, biopsy needle, computer console, and a maneuverable catheter that can take tissue samples for biopsies from small nodules or lesions in all upper, middle and lower lobes, including hard-to-reach areas of the peripheral lung, where 70% of tumors occur.

The da Vinci Surgical System is a 3D vision solution with interactive robotic arms that copy the movements of a human surgeon’s arm to remove the cancer, and a console, high-performance vision system, and patented EndoWrist instruments.

"The patient doesn't have to return to the hospital for another operation or an additional round of anesthesia,” said Dr. Jonathan Daniel, the thoracic surgeon at Tampa General and the TGH Lung Cancer Center who removed the tumor.

The day before the hybrid procedure, the patient undergoes a low-dose CT exam. If a tumor is detected, they will undergo a bronchoscopy exam the next day with the Ion Endoluminal system, which provides 3D, 360-degree access to the lungs. A fluorescent dye is placed at the tumor site to mark its location for the surgeon removing it.

The single-day, hybrid lung surgery was the first performed in Hillsborough County, which partnered with the 1,040-bed TGH in January to deploy two mobile health units as part of the TGH Mobile Care to You program to provide care to surrounding Tampa Bay communities.

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