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T3 Touch series X-ray QA meters by Radcal

June 01, 2024
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Radcal is a worldwide premier provider of diagnostic radiation test instruments measuring a comprehensive set of parameters such as Dose, Dose Rate, kV, HVL, Filtration, Exposure Time, and much more. We are very Proud to announce the release of our Brand New T3 Touch series X-ray QA meters. At T3’s core is its unique ability to use profiles. Machine Specific Profiles are used to define the measurement process. They spell out trigger parameters, filtration requirements, the breakdown of the measurement (such as having a scout pulse) and the end of the pulse without user intervention. Special calibrations are built into the profiles eliminating the need to install calibration files. Profile selection allows you to specify different techniques for special measurements. Profiles save time by eliminating manual user settings and often only one exposure is needed. For example, when using the Mammo Combo Mode Profile, with a Single exposure kV, Time, dose, and dose rate are captured for each region. T3’s CBCT Profile allows for the capture of DAP, kV and Dose with one exposure. Frequently used Profiles can be saved as favorites.

• T3 Series - A standard meter with customizable display for quick, easy and reliable measurements. Ready to use in a flash.

• T3 Professional Series – a meter with display and USB or Wi-Fi capability for extended use with your laptop or tablet computer. Using the Accu-Gold Windows application users are able to access a rich set of advanced capabilities such as automated Excel-based reporting and waveform analysis

WWW.RADCAL.COM , 1 626-357-7921

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