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Recent Magazine Features Entries:

The rules of attraction: safety in the MR environment

From the September issue of HCB News magazine

Disaster Preparedness - What we learned from Sandy and Katrina

What we can learn from natural disasters.

Feature: Imaging center managers deal with an array of change

How imaging center management is changing and how to deal with it

Feature: Tomosynthesis: A new gold standard?

Find out if tomosynthesis will become the new standard of mamography screening

Radiopharmaceuticals: Should reimbursement rule treatment options?

The case for radiopharmaceuticals - what if all treatment options were determined by reimbursement?

Technetium-99m: Necessity is the mother of invention

The burgeoning rise of the hardest working isotope right now

Pediatric imaging solutions are delivering big benefits to small patients

Heroic efforts in child-friendly medicine

Cost Containment Corner – Nuclear medicine increasing patient safety at a lower cost

The dose debate continues

Diagnostic Directions Digital health: Consumers, outcomes lead the way

How the consumer is taking a more aggressive approach to their health outcomes

Patient Monitors: sleek, new wearables are attracting attention but traditional monitors remain standard

How traditional is still the way to go in the new wave of patient monitors

Imaging informatics accelerates change-agent role in ACA transition

How imaging informatics quickly transformed the change-agent role in ACA translation

RFID – a passive solution

How RFID is a low cost alternative to most RTLS infrastructures

Health IT Viewpoints

Industry experts share advice and discuss the challenges

Tracking down the latest RTLS technology

RTLS still answers the question, “Where’s my stuff?” but the technology has grown exponentially for tracking other information

Top 10 apps for the serious health care professional

Check out the best apps for the health care professional

Health Care: The soft underbelly of cyber security

how to protect your medical identity from cyberthreats

Top 10 Wearable Medical Devices

“The doctor will see you now"...from anywhere


Save the date: April 27-29

One year of positive outcomes at S. Lee Kling Proton Therapy Center

A patient and a physician share insight into the proton experience

An overview of contrast agents today

Changes and challenges in the contrast imaging industry

Proton CEOs discuss treatment's rapid growth

What's good for patients is good for business

DNA damage during chest CT exams linked to intravenous iodinated contrast: study

Read this before getting your next chest CT exam with intravenous iodinated contrast

Cardiology: how smaller hospitals can provide top-level care

Smaller hospitals have found new ways to provide quality care to patients

Surgical lasers and energy-based devices for surgery

A primer on what's offered

Comparing options for stereotactic radiosurgery

Comparing options for stereotactic radiosurgery

On-the-Job Injuries: Cost of doing business or avoidable liability?

Limit your exposure by following these tips

Bugs - today, tomorrow and how we might beat them!

Infection control has some promising new technology in the works

Contracts and kill switches: the business of reprocessing

Reprocessing is saving hospitals money, but OEMs are fighting back

Medical Tourism - Health care disrupter or fringe service?

Where does medical tourism fit in today's health care environment?

Focused ultrasound: The clinical possibilities beyond ablation

The clinical possibilities beyond ablation

8 tips to eco-friendly purchasing in the health care sector

Win-win purchasing strategies for the 21st Century

Q&A with Jeffrey Brown, executive director, Practice Greenhealth

Brown offers the latest news about the organization

Urban health - big cities, big challenges

In July, the Carolinas HealthCare System Anson in Wadesboro, N.C., a town of about 5,800 people, opened the doors to its new facility and embarked on a bold experiment.

ED: New Technologies and programs for the changing health care environment

Improving patient care and staff efficiency

Behind the scenes at the UPS Louisville Technology and Logistics Center

For decades the UPS has strived to turn the finer logistical points of shipping into an art form.

ICU: It's all about delivering better care to the patient

Just over ten thousand intensivists practice in the U.S. today, yet more than five million patients are admitted to the ICU every year.

Physical MR safety

Keeping staff and patients safe

RTLS: A 'nice to have' or a 'must have'

From asset tracking to increased efficiency

MR service contracts: choosing the appropriate coverage

Get an idea of what contract is right for you

Focused Ultrasound

New Technology for the new paradigm

Imaging Department Priorities

Lorna Young, Senior Director, Market Research, IMV Medical Information Division, shares highlights from a major research paper

Countdown to MEDICA 2014

Medica - the world's largest medical industry trade show -- to host over 4,600 exhibitors

Despite obstacles, 3-D mammo is making huge strides

With reimbursement around the corner, the sector may explode

Imaging children

Playing up kid-friendly imaging will improve your bottom line

Angst over Amyvid: is CMS being short-sighted?

CMS says "no" and the market says "yes"

PET Isotopes

What role will mini cyclotrons play?

Q&A with Amy Knight

The COO for Children's Hospital Association talks about the unique challenges faced when treating children

Children's Hospital Spotlight

10 noteworthy hospitals

Biomed Viewpoints

Biomeds share their thoughts on what's going on in their sector.

CMS comes clean about its maintenance rule

But questions remain for the clinical engineering community.

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